10 Very Useful Tips & Tricks of Whatsapp

Tips & Tricks

Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging app for all mobile platforms, now it offers even more than messaging, voice calling and video calling. It has more than 1 billion active users with more than 30 billion messages being sent in a day. Whatsapp started charging annually 1$ in some countries as subscription fee, but now it is free almost all over the world. Even this 1$ was waived off with the instructions of the founder of whatsapp jan koum, because it became a hurdle to people who didn’t had a credit card to pay. Perhaps this 1$ is not a big amount for such a great app. But jan koum didn’t wanted to lose even few number of users. Recently whatsapp has updated its new feature of status similar to snapchat on the birth date of whatsapp i.e. 24th feb 2017.
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Learnings From First Job

First Job

It is very difficult to get your first job in a country like india. A normal person has to compete every where in india specially in mumbai. From the education in the school, university to its first job, second job and life goes on. Normally the struggle for a common mumbai person starts from the pull and push of the local trains and buses. We have many schools and colleges here in Mumbai probably a person living anywhere in Mumbai has a school and a college within an average distance of 15 to 20 minutes, thus a child is admitted to the nearest school to his/her home, maintaining the comfort zone many of us take admission to the nearest colleges as well when we grow up. Some of the brave students takes the decision of spending their college lives far from their homes and their struggle starts at that point, as they are required to travel far from their home for studying and the cheapest options available are buses and trains, which are usually full and everyone trying to board them craves for a seat. Continue reading “Learnings From First Job”

Burning Fat by Swimming

Burning fat is not that easy task as compared to collecting fat or storing fat. Although, if we see for getting fat you just have to eat, eat and eat junk food filled with fat content all the time, whereas for burning fat you have many options first one I would say is not eating the junk food, after that jumping, running, walking, swimming in short doing some exercise also there are many equipments present in the market for helping in doing fat burning exercises.
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Top 5 Websites/Apps to Buy or Sell Used Things

Second Hand

Sometimes we want to buy something for our house like sofa, showcase or any other furniture or appliances or for our personal use like a car or a bike, but unfortunately purchasing a new thing does not fit into our budget, thus we are bound to look for used things around us which is actually helpful to us and to the seller as well. From the sellers point of view, we always have something used or unused products around us at home or at the office. Continue reading “Top 5 Websites/Apps to Buy or Sell Used Things”

Indian Summer Clothing Guide

Besides india is well known and appreciated for its weather conditions, Indian summer season is one of the hottest summer season in the world. The highest temperature in india was recorded in the western state of rajasthan, where it gone up to a blazing 51 degree celcius(123.8 degrees fahrenheit).
In india while summer, many areas experience severe heat waves commonly known as loo, which ends up making many people sick.
Proper clothing is important in Indian summer. Choosing the right fabric and color combination can save you from some of the heat in summer. When someone go for shopping, they should look for fabrics that will not only keep them cool, but provides comfort as well. Air circulation is the thing which makes a fabric cool, because it lets the air to pass through to your body. Even a slow air can make you cool, if you wearing a fabric that allows air circulation. Fabrics like polyester are not that much breathable when compared to cotton fabric.
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