Cyber Attack on America’s Many Nuclear Power Houses

Cyber Attack

It has been disclosed that there has been a cyber attack on america’s nuclear power houses during the previous two months.

According to american media in the previous months of may and june there has been cyber attacks on america’s nuclear power houses. According to some sources dozens of nuclear power houses have been victimised by cyber attack in the previous two months. The hackers sent job applications  through virus affected emails to the engineers of companies which operated the nuclear power houses. Sime special codes were included in those applications and throught those codes the hackers wanted to do maping of those computer networks so that those computers can be targeted again.
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How To Maintain A Healthy pH Level In Your Body

The natural and healthy pH of the human body is slightly alkaline i.e., 7.36. Now, when the human body is fed acidic food like Chicken, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, White Flour, White Sugar, White Pasta, Soft Drinks, Box Cereal, Ice-cream, Beef, Artificial Sweeteners, Wheat, Whole Wheat, Turkey, Butter, Corn, Egg, Peanut Butter etc – on a daily basis. This high consumption of “acidic food” creates an acidic environment (called acidosis) which is not favorable for the human body as it leads to an increase in acidity in the blood, cells and tissues of the body.

Due to our acidic food choices – disease causing microbes and bacteria thrive. To fight these formations, the human body has to prepare resources (which are taken away from other critical areas of the body like hair building) and set them towards the defense against these germs.
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5 Midnight Destination To End Your Hunger In Mumbai

Many times the clock strikes  12 am at night and your stomach starts rumbling and making noises. Well, you are hungry and all alone at home awake, with all the family sleeping. So, the easiest way to get an end to your hunger, is to open a packet of Maggi and get the Maggi made in 2 minutes, But somehow I am certain this will not end your hunger. We are pleased to bring 5-midnight destinations to end your hunger around you in Mumbai which serves amazingly delicious food.

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Relief from the Mess of Recharging Mobile Phones

Mobile Recharge

Mobile phone is an extremely useful invention but in order to keep it usable we need to charge it again and again. This is the negative aspect of it because certain times in a country like India in many villages load shedding is still done, thus sometimes it becomes impossible to recharge the phone and that time it becomes inoperable. Mobile phone companies are doing research to make the mobile phones stay charged for long times, But it can be possible that in near future we might not need a battery to operate mobile phones, Because scientists have made a mobile phone which operates without battery. Any type of electric or mechanic tool requires energy to get active or operable, this mobile phone collects energy from the air around you.
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