Emotions and Feelings can be Guessed by Wi-fi

Guessing Emotions

Really, can wifi guess a person’s emotions or feelings?
and the answer to this question is towards “yes”.

Now, in america researchers of massachusetts institute of technology(MIT)
have experimented and experienced a way to know human emotions and feelings through wi-fi and artificial intelligence(AI).

Now the question arises how it is possible?
Below is the answer to it.
The researchers have noted the heartbeats of people through a wi-fi signal which conflicts with the people and sent those noted heartbeats to a software which helps in finding out their heart’s and emotional condition.

If connected to the human body then Radio Frequency(RF) tag exactly emits signal like ECG and there is no need of extra wire for it and this work is also possible through a domestic or home wifi router.
The actual work is of the software in which the algorithm notes it and it is named as th EQ radio.
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