Even Reducing a Glass of Soft Drink can Help you Lose Weight

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Many people struggle nowadays to lose weight. Loosing weight is something very easy if you strongly will about it but very difficult if you take it easy. Today i’ll be highliting some very important things about soft drinks when it comes to losing weight.

Reasearchers say that if you are addicted to soft drinks then even reducing a glass of soft drink in a week will help you lose weight.
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New Version of Whatsapp for Business Person Introduced

The application used for instant messaging “whatsapp”, has now keeping the needs of business people in mind introduced its news version.

The new introduced version of whatsapp has been named as “whatsapp business” and there has been 6 new features introduced in it regarding business. This whatsapp business app is still on beta mode and the app’s beta mode tester can only download it from google playstore and if you are not beta testers don’t worry about it this app’s apk file is also easily available.
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Has Apple Iphone X Flopped?

We know that Apple Corporation on it’s 10th anniversary launhed Apple Iphone X or Iphone 10 with great features. But now, from apple corporation itself the news is coming that it has been prepared less in numbers.

The companies manufacturing important tools for apple iphone had admitted that Apple corporation itself told them to send only 40% of the order they earlier usually used to sent. Which shows that for apple iphone 10 there has been an unusual and unexpected decrease in the making.

Other than this, other analysts have acknowledged less interest in people for apple iphone 10. Prior to it, only few dozen people were seen in the row to purchase new iphone in london.
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A Woman took divorce just because husband not answered her messages

A woman in taiwan took divorce from husband because he did not answered to her messages on phone.

According to foreign media, a woman in taiwan filed a divorce case against her husband and when the court asked reasons for this hearing the lady said that the husband does not answers back to any of her talks then what’s the use of such a relationship. Meanwhile the husband kept on denying all the things said by the lady. However the wife presented the receipt of the smartphone chatting application “Line” as a proof to the court. Like many other chatting application “Line” also has the feature of finding out whether the recepient has read the messages or not.

The wife clearly said thatthe husband used to read the messages but he did not answered back. After seeing all the solid evidences, the judge making final decision in the favor of the lady said that the husband has committed carelessness towards his wife and has kept on ingnoring her.
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Emotions and Feelings can be Guessed by Wi-fi

Guessing Emotions

Really, can wifi guess a person’s emotions or feelings?
and the answer to this question is towards “yes”.

Now, in america researchers of massachusetts institute of technology(MIT)
have experimented and experienced a way to know human emotions and feelings through wi-fi and artificial intelligence(AI).

Now the question arises how it is possible?
Below is the answer to it.
The researchers have noted the heartbeats of people through a wi-fi signal which conflicts with the people and sent those noted heartbeats to a software which helps in finding out their heart’s and emotional condition.

If connected to the human body then Radio Frequency(RF) tag exactly emits signal like ECG and there is no need of extra wire for it and this work is also possible through a domestic or home wifi router.
The actual work is of the software in which the algorithm notes it and it is named as th EQ radio.
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