How To Maintain A Healthy pH Level In Your Body

The natural and healthy pH of the human body is slightly alkaline i.e., 7.36. Now, when the human body is fed acidic food like Chicken, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, White Flour, White Sugar, White Pasta, Soft Drinks, Box Cereal, Ice-cream, Beef, Artificial Sweeteners, Wheat, Whole Wheat, Turkey, Butter, Corn, Egg, Peanut Butter etc – on a daily basis. This high consumption of “acidic food” creates an acidic environment (called acidosis) which is not favorable for the human body as it leads to an increase in acidity in the blood, cells and tissues of the body.

Due to our acidic food choices – disease causing microbes and bacteria thrive. To fight these formations, the human body has to prepare resources (which are taken away from other critical areas of the body like hair building) and set them towards the defense against these germs.
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Burning Fat by Swimming

Burning fat is not that easy task as compared to collecting fat or storing fat. Although, if we see for getting fat you just have to eat, eat and eat junk food filled with fat content all the time, whereas for burning fat you have many options first one I would say is not eating the junk food, after that jumping, running, walking, swimming in short doing some exercise also there are many equipments present in the market for helping in doing fat burning exercises.
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