GST Explained in Simple Terms

GST Explained

Hi Everyone!
GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. GST is going to be implemented by 1 july 2017. For an indian citizen it is necessary to know about it and understand how and on whom it will be applicable. That is why i am writing this article so that everyone whether a business person or an individual whoever reads this article gets a glimpse of what GST actually is and how it is applicable on them and why it is necessary.

First of all there are two types of taxes we in india pay to the government.
1. Direct Tax
2. Indirect Tax
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Learnings From First Job

First Job

It is very difficult to get your first job in a country like india. A normal person has to compete every where in india specially in mumbai. From the education in the school, university to its first job, second job and life goes on. Normally the struggle for a common mumbai person starts from the pull and push of the local trains and buses. We have many schools and colleges here in Mumbai probably a person living anywhere in Mumbai has a school and a college within an average distance of 15 to 20 minutes, thus a child is admitted to the nearest school to his/her home, maintaining the comfort zone many of us take admission to the nearest colleges as well when we grow up. Some of the brave students takes the decision of spending their college lives far from their homes and their struggle starts at that point, as they are required to travel far from their home for studying and the cheapest options available are buses and trains, which are usually full and everyone trying to board them craves for a seat. Continue reading “Learnings From First Job”