Nokia’s New SmartPhone Ready for Launch

Nokia 8

The company, who manufactures and launches nokia phones H.M.D Global, has begun launching Nokia’s new smartphone, which probably will be one of the most expensive smartphones of Nokia.

It will be called Nokia 8 and Nokia 9, however, according to a German website the model Nokia 8 has been named as TA-1004 and on 31st July first it will be offered for sale in Europe. Continue reading “Nokia’s New SmartPhone Ready for Launch”

Do You Know All These Facts About “Iphone”?

Facts About Iphone

The masterpiece of technology that is iphone’s historic journey where one side was extremely profitable for apple corporation and it’s users on the other side there were some events and information affiliated to it, out of which i am presenting here some facts at your service. These are information to which very few people are familiar.
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Relief from the Mess of Recharging Mobile Phones

Mobile Recharge

Mobile phone is an extremely useful invention but in order to keep it usable we need to charge it again and again. This is the negative aspect of it because certain times in a country like India in many villages load shedding is still done, thus sometimes it becomes impossible to recharge the phone and that time it becomes inoperable. Mobile phone companies are doing research to make the mobile phones stay charged for long times, But it can be possible that in near future we might not need a battery to operate mobile phones, Because scientists have made a mobile phone which operates without battery. Any type of electric or mechanic tool requires energy to get active or operable, this mobile phone collects energy from the air around you.
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10 Very Useful Tips & Tricks of Whatsapp

Tips & Tricks

Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging app for all mobile platforms, now it offers even more than messaging, voice calling and video calling. It has more than 1 billion active users with more than 30 billion messages being sent in a day. Whatsapp started charging annually 1$ in some countries as subscription fee, but now it is free almost all over the world. Even this 1$ was waived off with the instructions of the founder of whatsapp jan koum, because it became a hurdle to people who didn’t had a credit card to pay. Perhaps this 1$ is not a big amount for such a great app. But jan koum didn’t wanted to lose even few number of users. Recently whatsapp has updated its new feature of status similar to snapchat on the birth date of whatsapp i.e. 24th feb 2017.
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