Indian Summer Clothing Guide

Besides india is well known and appreciated for its weather conditions, Indian summer season is one of the hottest summer season in the world. The highest temperature in india was recorded in the western state of rajasthan, where it gone up to a blazing 51 degree celcius(123.8 degrees fahrenheit).
In india while summer, many areas experience severe heat waves commonly known as loo, which ends up making many people sick.
Proper clothing is important in Indian summer. Choosing the right fabric and color combination can save you from some of the heat in summer. When someone go for shopping, they should look for fabrics that will not only keep them cool, but provides comfort as well. Air circulation is the thing which makes a fabric cool, because it lets the air to pass through to your body. Even a slow air can make you cool, if you wearing a fabric that allows air circulation. Fabrics like polyester are not that much breathable when compared to cotton fabric.

Below are some of the best for summer fabrics.
Cotton : Cotton is a soft, fluffy fiber made by interlocking threads. It can be wore in all climates.
This fabric allows air to circulate through the fabric, due to which heat becomes bearable. With lots of humidity Indian summer brings so much of sweat, cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and it gets evaporated into the air, thus it keeps you cool and keeps you away from infections as well.

Linen : Linen is made from the fibers of the flex plant. This fabric contain the same features as cotton, it also circulates the air through the fabric and absorbs sweat as well. But cotton is better at air circulation, nonetheless this fabric can be preferred when we don’t have the option of cotton fabric.
Silk : Silk fabric is naturally made, it is composed of mainly fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae, sounds dirty right! But this is the fabric which can also keep you cool in this hot summer, also don’t forget it’s amazingly soft and cool touch.

Select light color fabrics.

Yellow, white colors and other light shades can keep you cool, as we know dark color tends to absorb sun rays, whereas light colors reflects the rays of the sun. Thus avoid dark color fabrics, they can make you feel more hotter.

Prefer loose clothing.

Avoid tight clothes that are all the time sticked to your body don’t letting the heat to escape from your skin, also the air can’t be passed through when the clothes are sticked to your body. Wear loose clothes that does not restricts the circulation of the blood allows the blood to flow freely, thus it results in escaping some heat out of the body.

Going sleeveless.

Sleeveless actually looks very cool, it has been a fashion trend for o many years, it looks stylish.
Going sleeveless can help you keeping yourself cool but on the other hand for Indian summer it brings some problem. Problem of tanning of the skin, If your skin is on the darker side of the shade than you don’t have to worry about it but fair skin people can’t go sleeveless as they will be at a risk of getting severe skin tans.

Hats or Head Cover.

For men hats are recommended to be carried anywhere travelling as to protect their eyes face and head from the sun rays. Women should protect their head, face and eyes with an umbrella or at least a scarf and shades will save the head and eye from the sun rays.

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