5 Midnight Destination To End Your Hunger In Mumbai

Many times the clock strikes  12 am at night and your stomach starts rumbling and making noises. Well, you are hungry and all alone at home awake, with all the family sleeping. So, the easiest way to get an end to your hunger, is to open a packet of Maggi and get the Maggi made in 2 minutes, But somehow I am certain this will not end your hunger. We are pleased to bring 5-midnight destinations to end your hunger around you in Mumbai which serves amazingly delicious food.

Bade Miya. Colaba

This place is the first that pops up to my mind when I think of midnight food. Bademiya is popular for its kebabs and rolls, and it serves both veg and non-veg. this place is not famous for its seating arrangement and ambience but I’m sure, you are not searching for ambience in the middle of 2 am in the night.

Open: Till 4 am

Address: Bademiya, Nawroji Furdunji Street, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039

Sigdi Bandra

While this place shuts at 1 am, it offers takeaway food till 6 am! The rolls are absolutely drool-worthy! You can munch on several items here, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Open: Till 6 am (For takeaway food)

Address: Sigdi, Abbas Compound, 29th Road, Off Waterfield Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Mumbai

Nawab Seekh Paratha.

Excellent place, if you really love seekhs and kababs. Kurla is famous for this place and shuts at 5 am. With the quick service and delicious seekhs, this place will definitely get your hunger to an end.

Open: Till 5 am

Address: Nawaab Seekh Corner, Kurla (West), Next to Kalpana Cinema, CST Road, Mumbai 400070.

Zaffran, Crawford Market

Zaffran, near CST, serves authentic Mughal cuisine. The nocturnal humans, who are willing to shell out slightly more, to sit and enjoy a meal, should visit Zaffran. The place does not only specialize in meat dishes but also serves the best prawns and fish in town.

Open: Till 4 am

Address: Zaffran, B, Sitaram Building, DN Road, Crawford Market, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai

Sagar Chinese, Juhu

This is a blink-and-miss Chinese joint in Juhu. It serves finger-licking good food and the must haves here are Chopper rice and lolly pop masala. Drool!

Opens: Till 4:30

Address: Sagar Chinese, Opposite Sukhmani Society, 10th Road, J.V.P.D., Juhu, Mumbai

Apart from these 5 places in Mumbai, we must add that there are several more eateries, hidden in the corners of Mumbai, which serve food to the foodies post the witching hour. There are tiny stalls, which serve idlis with sutta (smoke) for the smokers, burji pao to the egg-lovers, juice (Haji Ali Juice Centre) to the diet conscious ones and almost everything that one wants.

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