Danger of Dementia can be Reduced by Just Eating One Orange a Day

According to one survey it has been known that by eating one orange in a day the attack of dementia can be reduced upto 25%.

For people who don’t know what dementia is,
Dementia is a combination of many mental disorders. Causes of dementia are other diseases damaging the brain such as alzheimer’s disease or a continuous stroke on brain. In dementia the ability to understand and memorize is rapidly affected.

Other than oranges, grapes and lemons can also be equally beneficial these fruits also belong to the same citrus family and they contain a mind protecting blend in them. Experts of tohoku university, japan said eating oranges reduce the danger of dementia and alzheimer because this fruit contains mixture of “nobiletin” which has the ability to help in memorizing things and recovering memory.

Similarly, recently a report has been published by “British General of Nutrition” associated to it. In which around 13000 individuals of old and middle age were assessed. Out of these 13000 people, individuals who had the citrus fruits that is grapes, oranges and lemons on daily basis in them the danger of dementia and other mental disorders were noticed less.

All over the world patients of dementia and alzheimer are increasing. Thus from today start having the citrus family fruits.

Some Additional Benefits of Oranges

1. High blood pressure – This is one the best benefit of oranges. it is very beneficial for a person suffering from high blood pressure. Oranges contain potassium and magnesium which helps in controlling blood pressure.

2. Cancer – According to a research if oranges are eaten in childhood for 1-2 years then chances of having cancer decreases to a great extent. Eating oranges also helps in fighting cancer of skin, lungs, stomach etc. also decreases the chances of having cancer.

3. Ulcer – Orange contains vitamin c, thus it helps in fighting the bacteria. Eating oranges helps in curing from infection caused by the ulcer present in the stomach.

4. Kidney – according to a research drinking orange juice on a daily basis decreases the chances of kidney diseaeses. it also saves you from cancer of kidney.

5. Cholesterol – Oranges contain fibre which helps in controlling cholesterol.

6. Heart – Oranges contain potassium, fibre, vitamin c. All these things are needed to run our heart smoothly. If our body runs short of potassium heartbeat does not runs properly. Thus we should eat oranges and should take care of our hearts.

7. Eating oranges increases disease resistance. sneezing, cold, cough, viral fever like infections do not quickly affect our body.

8. Eyes – This is also one the good benefits of oranges. Because nowadays almost everyone is suffering from eye problems. Vitamin A present in orange is beneficial for our eyes.

9. Diabetes – In diabetes oranges helps in controlling blood sugar. it’s a very good benefit of orange.

10. Drink juice of orange when suffering from any type of body pain, it will give you fast relief, arthritis patients can also drink orange juice it will be beneficial for them as well.

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