Exercise at a Green Place is Also Better for Mental Health

Once again it has been confirmed by research of british experts that walking, running or doing exercise at lush place like a garden is more useful for brain and body than other places.

Britain’s wildlife trust conducted an investigation through the researchers of university of essex, which proves that if you want your exercise or walking or any type of physical exercise to be more deserving or in simple terms if you want more results from your workout then it is better to choose a place where greenery, grass, trees and plants are present in large numbers. It can be a lively area out of the city with lots of big plants and it can be a garden present in the city any place with greenery will be beneficial.

It is clear that in the past also there had been many useful effects of exercising and walking at a green place while the study of the researchers of university of essex confirms the same. However the additional part to the fact is that if you start exercising at a place full of greenery your mind will start feeling to be pleasant in the first five minutes and psychologically you seem to feel more confident this quality is very beneficial for mental health.

According to this study it has been also said that cycling near greenery places, walking faster or walking normally or doing any physical exercise is very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Apart from this if this location is located on the beach or river edge, then the effects of workout are more.

Although this study does not describes the reason behind this effect, estimation is that the planted trees, small plants and grass extends oxygen in the daytime which is absorbed in our blood through breath. When through the blood supply of oxygen to our physical organs including brain is proper the effects are more useful for our physical health and mental health.


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