Why Does the Mouth Stinks in the Morning?

When we wake up i the morning many times there is a bad smell coming from the mouth, have you ever thought what is the reason for that stinking?

If you would have noticed you would have got an idea that the mouth stinks more if you don’t clean your teeth in the night before sleeping. However if teeth are cleaned properly in the night before sleeping then this morning smell of mouth is less and sometimes this smell is equal to no.

The reason behind this is whenever we eat something it’s digestion process starts from our mouth. We have saliva creating glands in our mouth, the saliva secreted from the glands not only contains water it also contains many different types of bacterias. These baterias emits such effluents which makes the food soft so that when it arrives in the stomach it becomes easy to digest.

If after having the food, particles of it are left in mouth between the teeth, the bacterias continue their process on that food resulting to which compounds consisting of sulphur are also created through which a special type of invasive odor is created. Thus if the mouth is not cleaned properly after eating food then the particles left between the teeth result into a chemical reaction process between bacteria of the mouth and the food particles left in the mouth, and then when we wake up our mouth stinks.

The easiest solution to this problem is to clean the teeth and mouth properly. You can use anything you want like tooth paste or tooth powder and tooth brush. People who have gaps in theri teeth for those people they should use a tooth pick or a thread to clean the gaps in the teeth properly. Also while brushing the teeth they should take tooth paste or take powder which will sufficient enough to clean the teeth.

But remember these suggestions are for those who are healthy and are not suffering from any type of disease, For people whose mouth stinks due to any disease they need to visit a doctor and have medicines as per the doctor’s prescriptions.

Other than above mentioned things below mentioned are few things which are easily available at your home to keep your mouth safe from stinking.

Salt and Lemon
Salt contains sodium and rinsing your mouth with sodium will help in killing bacterias and will cure your mouth from stinking.
You can use a lemon as well to clean your mouth. The acid found in lemon is helpful in cleaning bacterias on tongue and gum.

Baking Soda
Foam of baking soda is important for mouth odor, the chemical found in it can prevent the germs found on your tongue. You can use it by puting some baking soda on toothpaste and brushing your teeth.

Sunflower Seeds and Mint Leafs
These two cleans your mouth and spread new aroma in it. Chewing sunflower seeds or mint leafs after dinner will be good for your mouth.

Probiotic Curd
Probiotic curd is helpful for preventing mouth odor. Consumption of nutritious germs found in curd will help to cure mouth odor.

Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic in Dinner
Most of the times we use Onion and Garlic in food. These are products which cause stinking in breadth. Remeber whenever you have any of these make sure to clean your teeth properly after having them.

Prevent Sugar
The modified sugar is harmful for your teeth and will create bad breath in the form of cavity. Leaving biscuits, candy and many other stuffs which are full of sugar will be beneficial when it comes to mouth odor.

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