Neem’s 5 Wonderful Medicinal Advantages

In the ancient medical books Neem has been described as a drug plentiful of healings whereas according to researchers along with removing mouth odor it also has the amazing ability to clean wounds from germs.

There are many advantages of Neem, below are 5 best advantages upto my knowledge

Helps in Healing the wounds

The paste of neem’s leaves kill the germs and infections of wounds effectively on the spot. Thus it is also called wound healing magical herb. Grind some fresh leaves of neem and mix some water with it make a paste of it and apply it on the wounds it will heal the wounds by killing all the germs and infections in a magical way.

Skin Protection

Neem can be called as Skin Toner, with the help of neem Blister Granules, Acne, Tanning and Spots can be cured. The juice extracted from the leaves of neem can be used to cure many skin diseases because there are many ingredients found in it which fights against bacterias. The leaves of neem are also one of the best ways to provide moisture to the skin and protect skin from fungus.

Neem Decreases Weight

The juice of flowers of neem plant is very helpful for reducing weight. Neem flower’s juice increases the body metabolism and helps in decreasing fat. Drinking it’s flower’s juice mixed with lime or honey gives quick results.
Neem Flower

Protect Your Hair

Neem is a tough enemy for lices of hair and also it does not allows germs to grow in your scalp. Apart from this neem is well capable of removing dryness or dandruff from hair.

Healthy for Mouth

Neem twigs(Miswak) are very useful for mouth. On one side it eliminates the germs and bacterias present in the mouth, on the other side it also maintains the alkaline level. Neem cleans your teeth and make it white also protects the gums from infections. Neem also kills your mouth odor and heals wounds of the mouth.

If you think there is some important advantage i had not covered, please let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Amazing and useful share!

    Being take from my friend Chery’s amazing feel good blog to yours pays off. Thanks for helping me understand that my path into natural healing resources, is the right way to go.

    How, to gain such a resource in quantities , is my request?

  2. Thanks a ton for your time and effort to have put these things together on this weblog. Janet and i also very much appreciated your suggestions through your articles on certain things. I know that you have a variety of demands on your own program hence the fact that you took all the time just like you did to guide people just like us by means of this article is also highly valued.

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