Even Reducing a Glass of Soft Drink can Help you Lose Weight

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Many people struggle nowadays to lose weight. Loosing weight is something very easy if you strongly will about it but very difficult if you take it easy. Today i’ll be highliting some very important things about soft drinks when it comes to losing weight.

Reasearchers say that if you are addicted to soft drinks then even reducing a glass of soft drink in a week will help you lose weight.

Dietologists recommended that if you are serious about reducing your weight, then first of all start with full restriction or reduction of soft drinks because fatness and soft drinks are parallelly related to each other.

Drinks plentiful of sugar are the main cause of thick waist. Now harvard TH chan school of public health and medicine and mexican national institute of public health have questioned more tha 11,000 mexican women in a survey in which they were asked about soft drinks with sugar and without sugar. First survey was done in 2006 and the second survey was done in 2008. During this period their weight and the thickness of their waist was also noted.

After noticing their lifestyle and eating habits, researchers found that all which women decreased the consumption of soft drink by 1 glass in a week their weight was decreased by 0.88 pounds whereas when some women drank an extra glass of soft drink in a week an increase of 0.66 pounds in their weight has been seen.

Experts have written in their research that if a soft drink is compulsorily had with fast food,it increases the risk of heart attack and blood pressure. The researchers admitted that the survey included only few thousands of women and they were just noticed for two years but we can say that soft drinks with plentiful of sugar plays an important role in increasing human weight.

Interesting part is that, those women participating in the survey gained more weight who were already little fat. It is clear that those women had already been drinking soft drinks regularly.

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