A Woman took divorce just because husband not answered her messages

A woman in taiwan took divorce from husband because he did not answered to her messages on phone.

According to foreign media, a woman in taiwan filed a divorce case against her husband and when the court asked reasons for this hearing the lady said that the husband does not answers back to any of her talks then what’s the use of such a relationship. Meanwhile the husband kept on denying all the things said by the lady. However the wife presented the receipt of the smartphone chatting application “Line” as a proof to the court. Like many other chatting application “Line” also has the feature of finding out whether the recepient has read the messages or not.

The wife clearly said thatthe husband used to read the messages but he did not answered back. After seeing all the solid evidences, the judge making final decision in the favor of the lady said that the husband has committed carelessness towards his wife and has kept on ingnoring her.

If you also do not reply to your spouse’s messages on mobile applications then be aware that this habit can cause your relationship to break and might result in divorce.

It is clear that divorce ratio is very high in taiwan. According to the government figures of 2016 daily on an average 146 couples take divorce.

Now talking about mobile pbones, For the last few decades our daily life has changed a lot. Everyday new things and new products are being released that are changing the lifestyle. One of these new products is mobile. It relates to the telephone, which is quite different from the land line telephone. The specialty of this mobile phone is that it can be taken anywhere by putting it in purse or pocket. Its main feature is that it is connected to the network without wires.

Now, i am not relating the above divorce story to this paragraph this is something which is important to be shared about mobile phones. We must be happy on this progress of science, but to prevent the misuse of this, it is our duty to the government that it should not be misused. Before using such things, we should inform children about the right use of these things. Parents should not bring expensive mobile phones to their children. Despite the numerous benefits of mobile phones, its use can prove to be harmful for health. Doctor scientists say that the waves coming out of it can affect the mind of a human.

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