Cyber Attack on America’s Many Nuclear Power Houses

It has been disclosed that there has been a cyber attack on america’s nuclear power houses during the previous two months.

According to american media in the previous months of may and june there has been cyber attacks on america’s nuclear power houses. According to some sources dozens of nuclear power houses have been victimised by cyber attack in the previous two months. The hackers sent job applications  through virus affected emails to the engineers of companies which operated the nuclear power houses. Sime special codes were included in those applications and throught those codes the hackers wanted to do maping of those computer networks so that those computers can be targeted again.

According to jenny hegman the interpreter of an organization which made one of the victim power house company conforming to this cyber attack she said this incident was true but there had been no effect on the operational activities of the power houses. Country’s internal security department home land security has said in this attack of hackers possibly russia was involved.

It is clear that nowadays in many parts of the world the events of cyber attack being used as a weapon for the inference in industrial networks are continously increasing.

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