Indian Summer Clothing Guide

Besides india is well known and appreciated for its weather conditions, Indian summer season is one of the hottest summer season in the world. The highest temperature in india was recorded in the western state of rajasthan, where it gone up to a blazing 51 degree celcius(123.8 degrees fahrenheit).
In india while summer, many areas experience severe heat waves commonly known as loo, which ends up making many people sick.
Proper clothing is important in Indian summer. Choosing the right fabric and color combination can save you from some of the heat in summer. When someone go for shopping, they should look for fabrics that will not only keep them cool, but provides comfort as well. Air circulation is the thing which makes a fabric cool, because it lets the air to pass through to your body. Even a slow air can make you cool, if you wearing a fabric that allows air circulation. Fabrics like polyester are not that much breathable when compared to cotton fabric.
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Facebook Live Feature Will be Visible on Desktop Soon

facebook live

Facebook live feature now is visible for all mobile users. Now facebook has announced soon this feature will be visible to all the desktop facebook users as well. Due to which all the facebook users on laptop or desktop computer can easily live stream facebook.

On This Occasion One of the Representative of Facebook Said:

“Facebook has started working on to provide the facility of live stream for their laptop and desktop facebook users and slowly slowly this facility will be available for various facebook users”.
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Google has Organized a Way to Stop Unwanted Pop Up Advertisements

unwanted ads

Unwanted pop up advertisements are disliked by everyone and now google has also decided to confront these type of advertisements. According to the information provided by google recently in mobile searches importance of websites which displays pop up advertisements will be decreased.

According to google’s management, these websites becomes extremely tedious on the small screens of the mobile phones where users does not get the proper information what they want and they just end up watching un wanted irrelevant pop up advertisements. However google has found a solution for it and thus by next year january search algorithm will be changed.
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Hacking of Yahoo User Accounts had Transgressed the Limit of 1 Billion(100 Crores)

yahoo hack

Hacking of yahoo perhaps till now is the biggest hacking ever of this century.
Regarding the same yahoo has unveiled further truth according to which in yesterday’s hacking more than 1 billion user accounts have been hacked.
This hacking event for yahoo was started in 2013 in which personal information of users like Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Passwords, Important Questions and many more data got in the hands of the hackers. However yahoo concealed this news for 3 years from everyone and in 2016 after this news got viral on media yahoo admitted the data hackings. Continue reading “Hacking of Yahoo User Accounts had Transgressed the Limit of 1 Billion(100 Crores)”