OnePlus – The Top Premium Smart-phone Maker In India

OnePlus - The Top Smart-phone Maker In India

OnePlus – the Chinese brand founded in 2013 and served 42 countries and regions by 2016 entered the online Indian market during the boom period and this has constantly helped with the growth and success of the brand. Considering the Q2 sales of OnePlus in 2017, 57 percent market share belonged to the Chinese brand followed by 38 percent market share of Apple and 4 percent of Samsung smart-phones, with 1 percent being occupied by other brands. According to a IDC report, OnePlus is among the top 3 premium smart-phone brands in India and is without a doubt considered the top premium smart-phone maker in India.

Let’s keep in mind that OnePlus was able to achieve this growth with only two phones – namely the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5. Samsung, on the other hand, had dozens of phones flooding the online and offline markets along with the extremely highly priced Apple phones. The competitors like Vivo and Oppo have their billboards put up across Indian cities, whereas, OnePlus relied heavily on digital marketing and online sales.
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