10 Very Useful Tips & Tricks of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging app for all mobile platforms, now it offers even more than messaging, voice calling and video calling. It has more than 1 billion active users with more than 30 billion messages being sent in a day. Whatsapp started charging annually 1$ in some countries as subscription fee, but now it is free almost all over the world. Even this 1$ was waived off with the instructions of the founder of whatsapp jan koum, because it became a hurdle to people who didn’t had a credit card to pay. Perhaps this 1$ is not a big amount for such a great app. But jan koum didn’t wanted to lose even few number of users. Recently whatsapp has updated its new feature of status similar to snapchat on the birth date of whatsapp i.e. 24th feb 2017.

There are many new features updated in whatsapp, jan koum does not wants that whatsapp users get bored of using the same feature for years, thus there are many new features introduced which may replace some great apps in the market. The best part with whatsapp is that you don’t have to see those ads which forcefully appears on the screen without consent when using other apps.

One small news related to whatsapp I feel like sharing, recently in may 2017 it was reported that European commission was fining 110 million euros to facebook for misleading. In 2014 when facebook acquired whatsapp, it claimed that ”it was technically impossible to combine user information from facebook and whatsapp. However in 2016 whatsapp began sharing information with its parent company, information such as phone numbers which were use for facebook advertisement.

Proceeding with topic below are the 10 very useful tips & tricks of whatsapp.

Saving Information and Files In Your Personal Group

Sometimes we want to copy some files from our computer to our phone but unfortunately we don’t have any USB cord around us, This problem can be solved with whatsapp. All you need to know is creating group.
Just login to whatsapp web by going to web.whatsapp.com on your computer. After logging in create a group and add any one friend of yours in to the group. After creating the group just remove your friend and the group will remain as it is, now you can store any file or any information in that group which will be only visible to you. In the above case you can send the file from your computer to the group and log out from whatsapp web, that file will be saved on your device.

Sharing any file format

Whatsapp is very well known for sharing images, videos and audios. What about other file formats yes you can share those even you can share large files beyond the limits set by whatsapp, by a simple trick. Follow the below steps.
1) Download and install dropbox and cloudsend apps.
2) Now open cloudsend app, it will ask you to link the app with dropbox, allow it.
3) Now upload the file you want to send via whatsapp on cloudsend, that file will be uploaded on dropbox as you had linked both the apps. Now you have the dropbox link of that file.
4) Just that’s it now you could share the link on whatsapp. The file will be downloaded whenever your friend clicks on the link.

Using whatsapp without number

This is one the best and useful trick of whatsapp which is used in order to hide your identity. With this trick you can use whatsapp without disclosing you number. Follow the below steps.
1) Download and install the whatsapp app or if you are using it currently then logout from it.
2) Now download and app called primo from play store, open it and simply complete the sign up process verify your number. After verification is done, click on the top left corner and you will see a new US number just write it down.
3) Now use that us number for verifying your whatsapp account.

Recover Deleted Messages

Sometime we accidentally delete our whatsapp messages and suddenly realise that those messages were important, therefore you need to get back that message again. Whatsapp provide backup of all your messages and conversion in the phone memory so we can recover our old messages again. WhatsApp creates automatic backup file of your data every day at 2 AM and it stored in SD card.
1) in order to recover your deleted messages first you have to Uninstalland then re-install WhatsApp.
2) Once that is done Sign up with the same numberyou used WhatsApp
3) After verification is done you will be prompted that a backup has been found.
4) Tap “Restore” and you are done. Now all your deleted messages will be Restored.

Hide whatsapp images and videos from gallery

Many people wants to know how to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery in Android phone. As, nowadays there are many Groups added on our Number, we receive too many Images & Videos from friends on them. But, it’s too necessary to hide all of them from your gallery and fortunately there is a very simple trick for that too.
To hide media file open your file manager then go to the whatsapp folder. Here you will find a folder called media just click on that, now from here you just have to rename 2 folders which are whatsapp images and whatsapp videos.
Just add a DOT in the prefix of both the folder like .WhatsApp images and. Whatsapp video that’s it. Now this will hide all the videos and images of WhatsApp from you gallery.

Read a Message without Going Online

As we all know in WhatsApp the blue check mark lets senders know the recipient has read the message. This particular feature has an advantage as well as disadvantage.
The advantage is you will know whether the receiver has read the message or not. But at the same time, the disadvantage is if you do not reply to the sender right away, the sender may feel awkward and will assume that you have ignored them.
Here is a simple method you can use to read WhatsApp messages without alerting the sender’s attention to their action by triggering the blue ticks.
Once you get a message don’t open the app immediately, turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data and this will take WhatsApp offline. Now go ahead and read the message and you won’t alert the sender since you’ll be reading the message from app cache. To ensure you don’t blow your cover make sure to close WhatsApp app before turning off your Wi-Fi/ mobile data connection.

Remove All Junk Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

Going through the folder yourself to delete unwanted images could be really irritating sometimes, why not have an application that will assist you with the task. And that’s the logic behind an Android application called Siftr Magic. Now in order to clean the junk photos of WhatsApp first head over to the play store and search for Siftr magic app and download it. Once download open the app and click this doctor icon to analyse and scan your device. Once the scan is completed, the app will ask the user if they would like to remove all junk photos from their device. Now before deleting the junk photos I will highly suggest you to go through and check whether any important photo is selected or not. If there is any photo which you want to keep then just uncheck it. Now the last thing which you have to do it to click on this delete icon and the app will immediately delete the junk photos from the device just like this.

Change Whatsapp Account From One Phone To Other

Moving to a new phone can be a pain, since you have bought a new Android phone and want to shift your data including Whatsapp message to your new phone and this could be a very time consuming task. But don’t worry I will show you a very useful trick through which you can migrate your whatsapp account from one to another without any data loss. So let’s start
Open the file manager of your old Android phone and Find the Whatsapp folder and open it. There you will find 3 folders as BACKUPS, DATABASES and MEDIA just copy all the 3 folders to your PC.
Now install WhatsApp on your new Android phone and do not setup it yet, now again navigate to whatsapp folder on you new device and from there you just have to replace all the 3 folders which you copied from your old device that’s it. Once that is done open the whatsapp on your new device and go through with the verification process. Once that is completed you will get a prompt to “restore” just tap on that and boom you are done.

Pin chats

Now whatsapp has came up with a very nice update in which you can pin you favorite conversations and they will always appear in the top. Basically chats are listed as per the last active chat first, but with this new pin feature you can make your own list.
You can use this feature by just selecting a conversation and clicking on the pin icon which appears after you select a conversation.

E-mail whatsapp conversation

It is very easy to send all your whatsapp conversation to your email address. You can use this whatsapp trick to take the backup of your important whatsapp conversation in your email. To use this trick, you just need to follow few steps:
Just open the conversation you intend to e-mail.
Press the three dot in the right top corner of the screen.
A dropdown will appear in which you will see last option as more, click on it and then you will get an option email chat. After that you will get to see apps in your phone for e-mail and you may select the one you desire to use for e-mailing the conversation.

These were some tips and tricks from me, no doubt there might be many more tips, tricks and hacks of whatsapp, but the above mentioned are some which I feel are very useful to almost everyone. Besides all these if you feel there is some tip, trick or hack you know then please share with us in the comment below. Thank You.

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