Do You Know All These Facts About “Iphone”?

The masterpiece of technology that is iphone’s historic journey where one side was extremely profitable for apple corporation and it’s users on the other side there were some events and information affiliated to it, out of which i am presenting here some facts at your service. These are information to which very few people are familiar.

1. Apple computers actually started a project on tablet computer but amid working on the project they got a concept of such ipad which also had a virtual keyboard. This concept sparked an idea for the iphone project.

2. After some time of apple’s iphone name started appearing in the market famous technology firm “Sysco Systems” filed a case on apple corporation because “Sysco Systems” already manufactured a internet calling phone(VOIP Phone) which they also named “iphone”. At last apple corporation paid a good amount of money in order to convince Sysko systems to withdraw this name.

3. In every iphone shown in advertisements the time is 9.41 hours this time is not just like that picked up, this time is the same at which in 2007 apple corporation’s CEO steve jobs presented the first iphone to the world.

4. Although samsung is a competitor of apple corporation but samsung is the one who manufactures processors for apple.

5. Time magazine declared iphone as the biggest invention of the year 2007.

6. According to the analysis of 2012 around 3 lakh 40 thousand iphones were sold per day.

7. In the terms and conditions of the famous apple’s online music store, There is a term that you cannot make any nuclear weapon while using any of the product of apple.

8. Till now 15 designs of apple had arrived in the markets, that means on an average one new design in every 8 month.

9. Apple’s “app store” is that first website which for the first time started the legal download of apps.

10. If iphone will be charged full one time in a day then it will require only 25 cents(around 16 indian rupees) of electricity in a year.

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