Facebook Live Feature Will be Visible on Desktop Soon

Facebook live feature now is visible for all mobile users. Now facebook has announced soon this feature will be visible to all the desktop facebook users as well. Due to which all the facebook users on laptop or desktop computer can easily live stream facebook.

On This Occasion One of the Representative of Facebook Said:

“Facebook has started working on to provide the facility of live stream for their laptop and desktop facebook users and slowly slowly this facility will be available for various facebook users”.

After this feature gets available to various laptop and desktop facebook users. Laptop users can use their built in camera to stream live and desktop users can use webcam to stream live or both can use any HD camera for live streaming for their followers and friends. Along with this users can use different microphones for good and clear voice.

As of now this feature is available limited users only but according to the sources facebook is prepared to introduce this feature to maximum users.

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