Google has Organized a Way to Stop Unwanted Pop Up Advertisements

Unwanted pop up advertisements are disliked by everyone and now google has also decided to confront these type of advertisements. According to the information provided by google recently in mobile searches importance of websites which displays pop up advertisements will be decreased.

According to google’s management, these websites becomes extremely tedious on the small screens of the mobile phones where users does not get the proper information what they want and they just end up watching un wanted irrelevant pop up advertisements. However google has found a solution for it and thus by next year january search algorithm will be changed.

All the websites which are displaying unwanted pop up advertisements google will not show them in the search results.

However there are some terms to it.
Such websites displaying advertisements are forbidden which are,

1) Website showing advertisement on the full page as soon as it opens.

2) Websites with such advertisement which is dominant than the real content of the website and to see the website content you require to close the pop up advertisement first.

3) Websites with such advertisement which hides some prospect content or part of the website.

Google’s new policy only for deterring unwanted advertisements

From google’s side this has been taken care of that other pop ups like login pop up on screen, website’s policy pop up and browser pop up advertissements would be exempt from this bondage.

Google keeps on changing it’s search algorithm as per the requirements.

Recently google made changes to it’s mobile search policy, according to which all those websites which operates on mobile phones properly are given priority than other websites.

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