Hacking of Yahoo User Accounts had Transgressed the Limit of 1 Billion(100 Crores)

Hacking of yahoo perhaps till now is the biggest hacking ever of this century.
Regarding the same yahoo has unveiled further truth according to which in yesterday’s hacking more than 1 billion user accounts have been hacked.
This hacking event for yahoo was started in 2013 in which personal information of users like Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Passwords, Important Questions and many more data got in the hands of the hackers. However yahoo concealed this news for 3 years from everyone and in 2016 after this news got viral on media yahoo admitted the data hackings.

Not 500 Millions(50 Crores) Now it’s 1 Billion(100 Crores)

Regarding this yahoo issued first press conference meeting in 2016, according to the conference precious 500 million users data were stolen by the hackers. But now denying its own revealations yahoo has increased the number of stolen data to 1 billion. However yahoo has also said that 500 million users data has been hacked by someone else and more 1 billion user data has been hacked by some other hackers.
Which means now you should understand that almost yahoo’s every user is victim of this hacking. Your passwords and personal informations are now with hackers. If you have not changed your yahoo password yet than change it quickly. Even i would suggest that you should delink your yahoo account to all your bank accounts also delink it to all other important accounts.
One more imporatnt thing related to yahoo is that there was a deal going to be happen between yahoo and the american company verizon. Verizon was suppose to purchase yahoo’s all the businesses in 83.4 billion rupees but after listening to this hacking news verizon will either drop the idea of purchasing yahoo or this deal will end up with a lesser amount than the committed.
Nonetheless yahoo has suffered a huge loss because of this hacking also because of concealing it for 3 years. Perhaps these users now will never be able to build trust towards yahoo.

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