Has Apple Iphone X Flopped?

We know that Apple Corporation on it’s 10th anniversary launhed Apple Iphone X or Iphone 10 with great features. But now, from apple corporation itself the news is coming that it has been prepared less in numbers.

The companies manufacturing important tools for apple iphone had admitted that Apple corporation itself told them to send only 40% of the order they earlier usually used to sent. Which shows that for apple iphone 10 there has been an unusual and unexpected decrease in the making.

Other than this, other analysts have acknowledged less interest in people for apple iphone 10. Prior to it, only few dozen people were seen in the row to purchase new iphone in london.

On the other hand the smartphone review website “Digi Times” on behalf of many other companies of taiwan wrote that Apple has ordered them to decrease the supply of phone or important tools of it.

Earlier to this, wall street general said even there has been seen a drop of interest for apple iphone 8 as well which is cheaper than apple iphone 10.
However, there are some rumors in the market about apple that it has itself not started regular preparation of iphone X.

The effect of the news of reduction in production of i phone was indeed seen on many companies which worked for apple corporation. Also there has been a significant decrease in their shares as well.

Similarly, there has been a decrease of 0.9% in apple’s shares as well and the experts have blamed the reduction in production news for this decrease. Whereas, as per the other analysts, on the first day of the new iphone launch unusual rows and rushes were not seen in the whole world like it used to be earlier for new launched iphones.

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