How Will be iphone 8! first look revealed

After a lot of wait, rumours and fake release news, the Apple Corporation has finally released the first glimpse of “iphone 8” which proves that home button has been really abolished from it.

You would be thinking this is also one of the rumours or fake news about “iphone 8”, but it is true. apple not only has released this information just like that, it has also presented certified information along with the images through Forbes Magazine.

There is no home button on it’s “5.8 inch” wide glass display, rather i would say the audio jack is also missing.

It’s power button is also significantly larger than the earlier models of iphone.

A small hole in the corner over the screen can be seen on “iphone 8” through which it is said it can connect to charger and other tools. This will be the only wire contact to “iphone 8”.

Like the “Home” button, “Notifications” button has also been moved inside the “Function Area” at the bottom of the phone.

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