New Version of Whatsapp for Business Person Introduced

The application used for instant messaging “whatsapp”, has now keeping the needs of business people in mind introduced its news version.

The new introduced version of whatsapp has been named as “whatsapp business” and there has been 6 new features introduced in it regarding business. This whatsapp business app is still on beta mode and the app’s beta mode tester can only download it from google playstore and if you are not beta testers don’t worry about it this app’s apk file is also easily available.

Here we will tell you what’s the whatsapp’s new business app is all about and how it is different from the original older version.

1) Save landline numbers
If you are a whatsapp user you’ll be sure that you can just add mobile numbers for chat. But now in the new version you can add landline njmbers as well for chat.

2) Automated reply
The new version of whatsapp also has the ability to automatically reply to messages. If you want to instantly reply to a message but you are unable to do so due to lack of time then there is an option present through which your reply will be automatically reached to the person who is messaging you. Whereas you can shedule your answer for few hours or days.

3) In the original version of whatsapp you cannot see the statistics of data received or sent but in the new whatsapp business app this feature has been added.

4) Before starting using the whatsapp business app you need to select the business category in the app, however if the business category mentioned in it does not match your original business then you could select “others” option and describe the business and can submit it

5) Whatsapp account will confirm you business through a green mark and any green mark in front of numbers in your contact will mean that the person also has a whatsapp business account.

6) The whatsapp business logo is also different from the old whatsapp logo it will be having a ‘B’ written instead of the telephone mark in the centre.

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