Now Snapchat Also Includes the Features of Voice Filter and Links

Snapchat is an application through which you can send images and videos to friends which automatically gets deleted after some time. It was launched in the year 2011, however it has some features same as social media it is not so popular as other social medias nowadays.

Snapchat today while declaring its important features said now easily users will be able to include links and more than this users will now be able to enhance the backdrop(background) along with this they will also be able to use voice filters.

Snapchat’s these new features are now available in the whole world and it has been updated for both the operating systems that is ios and android.

  1. An Overview of the Key Features
    There is a tool name paper clip through which you can update website links so that your friends can see it and after clicking on the link it opens in the internal browser of snapchat.

Click on the paper clip button present in the vertical tool kit and update your link in it, However all the links should be beneath the rules mentioned in the snapchat’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and community guidlines.

Now you can paint and add colorful background to your pictures via backdrop. To do this first you need to select scissor from the vertical tool kit and after that just tap on backdrop. Now trace the sides of the picture where ever you want to add backdrop. After that include the pictures and patterns whatever you want which enhances the beauty of your picture.

With the voice filter feature you can add effects in your voice and you can also remix it for which you can include many characters voices by simply tapping on the speaker icon.

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