Relief from the Mess of Recharging Mobile Phones

Mobile phone is an extremely useful invention but in order to keep it usable we need to charge it again and again. This is the negative aspect of it because certain times in a country like India in many villages load shedding is still done, thus sometimes it becomes impossible to recharge the phone and that time it becomes inoperable. Mobile phone companies are doing research to make the mobile phones stay charged for long times, But it can be possible that in near future we might not need a battery to operate mobile phones, Because scientists have made a mobile phone which operates without battery. Any type of electric or mechanic tool requires energy to get active or operable, this mobile phone collects energy from the air around you.

Researchers have made a basic sample of this mobile phone. Therefore this mobile is radically different from the current mobile phones however according to the researchers of washington university in near future this mobile phone will become best new phone. This type of mobile phones depends on the interaction of radiation waves which is called “backscatter”.

This technique used to be the back bone of spying in the era of cold wars. Washington university is doing research to make this technique common. Earlier this team has devised a “singing poster” and a “passive wifi” using this technique.

Researchers have done successfull experiments of calling with the phone.

Although the sound quality was not that good but conversation on call is possible. According to a research team member in order to convert human voice from analogue cue to digital cue more energy is required. if we become enough skilfull to use analogue technology we can save extreme energy which can be indeed used somewhere else and this not depending on battery phone is based on this technology only. This technology depends on less energy consuming radiation cue which are already available around us.

Battery free phone of course currently is in preliminary stage and it consists of only one number pad and LED display but according to the team  which made this phone one day it will adopt the image of existing cell phones. The phone’s design is similar to a device used for spying. This device was used by the russian detectives in the era of cold war which worked through specific frequency of radiation waves.

Range of this battery free phone is only 15 metres as of now, however in the coming days it will be increased to as of normal phones range many 100 metres. Researchers had continued their research on this phone and they had shown hope that in near future this phone will be available easily like the normal phones. This phone will surely create a disaster in the mobile phone industry it will be revolutionary and indeed it will be very helpful to people as it is going to give them relief from the mess of recharging.

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