Top 5 Websites/Apps to Buy or Sell Used Things

Sometimes we want to buy something for our house like sofa, showcase or any other furniture or appliances or for our personal use like a car or a bike, but unfortunately purchasing a new thing does not fit into our budget, thus we are bound to look for used things around us which is actually helpful to us and to the seller as well. From the sellers point of view, we always have something used or unused products around us at home or at the office.

Earlier it was very difficult to buy or sell used things, it was very difficult to spread the news that a person wants to sell something, really difficult to publicise the news. But nowadays thanks to the internet generation we have many online platforms to buy or sell used things. Some of them really made life easy for many people. Following are top 5 platforms or I would say websites/apps which are most visited in india in order to buy or sell used things.


Number 5 comes the ListUp app in our list. Many people would have not heard about it.
ListUp is an app developed for buying or selling used things nearby. This app is developed specifically aiming at the disruption of old age style of buying and selling of used goods. ListUp focuses on exchange of second hand goods person to person. Also it has nice feature of tracking sellers and buyers nearby. All the ListUp users are socially verified, which brings a trust factor amongst buyers and sellers. A great new app to try with!


Number 4 comes ebay in our list. Ebay doesn’t needs any introduction we believe. Ebay is already well known for its e-commerce presence in india even before the big e-commerce players of today. Once ebay was well known for all e-commerce business in india used and new as well. But nowadays for new products and has overtaken all other e-commerce websites, nonetheless ebay is still considered for buying and selling used mobile phones, televisions and many other electronics.


Yes facebook! Facebook is on 3rd position in our list. This social media website has gone to a long extent now. Facebook is nowadays used for earning money and marketing purpose, whereas it was made for people to become more social in life, by the way it lets the people to become social but upto a limit and if you are an individual. When it comes to buying and selling of used goods, facebook has many groups and pages where people come and search for their desired product and come for listing their used product to sell.


Quikr is one of the best website/app to search for used things around and to list a used thing for selling around. It is number 2 in our list, although it was once known to be the india’s no. 1 online classifieds platform, some facts about quikr : initially quikr was launched as kijiji india its website was and last year quikr has acquired the real estate portal named merged it with its real estate division as QuikrHomes.
One of the nice feature of Quikr is MSP Calculator, where you can calculate maximum selling price of the product you want to sell.


The Number 1 website/app to buy and sell used things is Olx, it has all the features required to bring maximum people to their website and app, Olx is in fact world’s leading classifieds platform. With maximum numbers of buyers and sellers in the second hand market Olx becomes the number 1 in our list. Some facts about Olx : it has presence in 45 countries and out of those 45 Olx is number 1 in 22 countries. It has more than 1.7 billion visits to its website or app worldwide.

India is indeed a big market for used or second hand things, there are many small players in this market but Olx and Quikr are very well known in india. Nowadays facebook is getting known because of its communities groups. But facebook or any other platform in the used or second hand market cannot overtake Quikr or Olx. Maybe because of their advertisements on televisions, television advertisements are always a great medium in india to share something.

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